The typical real estate transaction can take from 3 months to over a year. Since there is a lot of information that has to trade hands, we’ve designed and built proprietary tools to simplify the process and help our clients make faster, more confident decisions. The result: the right real estate solutions for you and an easier way to get there.

Ten Eight

In 2011, Michael Tucker and Scotland Wright were two of the co-founders of Ten Eight, LLC. They helped launch the initial product, raise angel investor funds, and eventually sold the company to The Pavonis Group in August of 2014.  

Ten Eight is a software tool created to aid in the process of site selection and analysis for their tenants and brokers. It allows the entire deal process to be run through a secure online deal dashboard that is used as a central landing point throughout the deal. Key features of Ten Eight include a mobile app with photos, notes, and a group rating system to use while touring potential buildings.

Office Space Calculator

If you’re just getting started, feel free to use our office space calculator to get an estimate of how much square footage you will be looking for.

Find Your Square Footage

Lease Analysis Software and Spreadsheets

Our team utilizes a mix of online software and custom excel templates to analyze and showcase financial analysis scenarios at each short-listed location. Our web-based financial analysis, called LeaseMatrix, is elegant, easy to understand, and can be shared with a simple web link. Clients can easily scroll through their phone to view properties.