Picking the right brokerage team makes all the difference.

Founded in 2002, Scotland Wright Associates became one of the first exclusive tenant rep firms in Atlanta. Since then, we’ve grown to represent corporate tenants across the U.S. as our clients’ needs expand.

Our team members are based in Atlanta and passionate about helping companies build real estate strategies that keep up with their growth. At SWA, our independence allows us to partner with the best in the business to design, build, and manage the logistics of a move in.

Our Process

Finding that perfect building requires care and attention to detail. At SWA, we’ve found that getting to know our clients well allows us to create a tailored solution. No two transactions are the same, and every real estate deal has a unique set of challenges. Businesses looking for space often operate on tight deadlines, limited capacity, and varying levels of local real estate knowledge. We’ve developed a sure-fire process that is flexible enough for contingencies. When a client comes to us for a solution, our team collaborates with them through a tested process that works every time: 

1. Discovery of Requirements
This is the ever important, get to know each other phase where we interview key personnel, determine a target geographic location and budget, and create a space program.

2. Identify/Qualify Options
Our team searches the targeted markets for potential solutions and identifies top locations. Then we personally tour each location with a critical and discerning eye.

3. Undertake In-Depth R&D  
Once we develop a short list of properties, we engage an architect to develop a space plan and we create a request for proposal (RFP). We then analyze and scrutinize proposals, making sure to factor in the cost of improvements needed to the space.

4. Negotiate Terms & Conditions
Now it’s time to actively negotiate and to send counter proposals.  All of our effort has the single aim of developing a letter of intent (LOI) for our top choice property. This only comes after we’ve agreed on the terms and confirmed a construction budget. After agreeing on the LOI, we negotiate the lease terms with an attorney while building a construction schedule.

5. Execute Transaction
In this final phase, we build a team to ensure our clients receive a smooth transition – everything from signing the lease, monitoring the construction process and conducting a final walk through before move in. The space is now fully functional and ready for business.